Tanning Stickers Show Off Your Tan

Tanning Stickers Show Off Your Tan

If you are a tanner or spray tan user, then you have probably heard of tanning stickers. Tanning is a gradual process so it's hard to see your progress on a daily basis just by looking in the mirror. Tanning stickers not only show you your progress but can be a fun form of body art.

How Do These Stickers Work?

Tanning stickers, like their name implies, are body stickers that you put in the same spot each time you tan. The result is a tan line in the shape of the sticker that allows you to see how dark the surrounding skin has become. But this is no farmer's tan, this is a fun, unique shape.

Have you ever worn a watch while out in the sun or a tank top and had a tan line that took some time to go away? It's the same idea only you get to control what fun and creative shape and just how discreet you want your tanning "tattoo" to be.

Benefits of Stickers: How Can They Help You?

The problem with not being able to see your results very clearly is that you start to feel that you are not making progress. How do you know that you are not wasting time and money to get that perfect tan? The mirror can be deceiving. Being able to gauge your progress is the only way to know what is working for you when it comes to beds or spray-tan brands or lotions. 

In the past, people would wear a watch while tanning just so they could see the results but a watch line is unattractive and you'd have to keep the watch on to keep it covered.

Where Should I Use Tanning Stickers?

Deciding where to put your tanning sticker is half the fun. In fact, you are not limited at all. Some people place them on their chest or arms while others place them on their necks or even more discreet areas such as near the bikini line, legs, feet, or backside. You are only limited by your imagination. Why just use one? 

Realistically, the best place to put one is in an area that isn't exposed to the sun regularly because those areas have more built-up resistance to sun exposure and are harder to tan so they may not be the best for measuring your results. Faces, forearms, and hands aren't the best but are great secondary spots just for fun. Chests and other regularly covered areas tan faster and are perfect for measuring but that is entirely up to you. The best part is, if you get tired of it in one particular region, just stop using stickers there and it will disappear.

Where To Buy Tanning Stickers?

Tanning stickers are widely available at tanning salons, gyms, or online. You can buy or sometimes ask for a free one at a salon but it's best to have your own stash so that you can use the same sticker each and every time including any time you happen to be outside in the sun. You don't want to tan over your tan line after all. You can easily order them online in 50 and 100 packs or even larger. TanningStickerz.com is a great source of all of your favorite designs with extremely fast shipping and the best prices you'll find.

What Do Tanning Stickers Look Like?

Tanning stickers come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular have been around for decades such as Triple Hearts, Bunnies, Lips, Lightning Bolts, and many others. Today there are many new and unique designs from simple to very detailed "tantoo" designs. However, keep in mind that the more detailed they are, the harder they will be to line up with each tan. You want to put them in the exact same spot each time you tan or spray tan.

Bunny Tanning Stickers  Texas Tanning Stickers  Lips Tanning Stickers  Fleur di Lis Saints Tanning Stickers

Roundup Of Benefits

  • Helps you accurately gauge your tanning progress.
  • Fun & unique designs for decorative body art.
  • Not permanent. Easy to change locations or designs.
  • Very affordable and easy to order online.

So Should You Get Tanning Stickers?

Have fun, try something new, and best of all, measure your tanning results. Show off to your friends. Put a fun sticker in a discreet area for only certain eyes. The options are endless. What are you waiting for?

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