Why Use Tanning Stickers?

Why Use Tanning Stickers?

Tanning stickers are a great way to measure your tanning results. Other than something boring like wearing a watch it's really the only way to truly judge your tanning progress. It is hard to see your own progress just by looking in the mirror. Tanning is a gradual process over days and weeks and therefore your color changes slowly from one day to the next. One of the best tanning tips is to measure your tanning progress by using tanning sticker in the same spot each time you tan. Almost everyone is surprised by how tan they actually are once they have used a sticker for a few weeks.

Tanning stickers also have another benefit. They are used as a cool reverse-tattoo like beauty mark that can be lots of fun to create and can be used almost anywhere. It's really a new form of body art. Many people have added fun and creative designs. The effects only last as long as your tan. They simply leave a design of lighter untanned skin wherever you choose to place them. These designs show up brilliantly under black light at night clubs. Just imagine a glowing “sexy” or peace sign on your shoulder or hip or a playboy bunny or set of hearts somewhere secret...

Tanning stickers can be used indoors, outdoors and even in sunless spray booths. These stickers come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. These can range from miniature heart to a devil to short words or phrases. One very popular favorite is the Bunny w/Tie Tanning Sticker, while another is shaped like a Triple Heart. Hemp leaf, happy face, and the peace sign are also among the favorites. Tanning Stickers are also inexpensive; a pack of 100 stickers or 50 stickers can be shipped immediately and arrive in just a few days,

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