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Footprints Feet Tanning Stickers | Spray Tan

Footprints Feet Tanning Stickers | Spray Tan

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  • Works Perfectly For Spray Tanning Sessions
  • Easy To Use, Holds In Place While Tanning
  • Also great for tanning beds or outdoors.
Footprints Feet Body Tanning stickers are the best way to measure your spray tan. It is always hard to see your tanning progress by looking in the mirror. Spray Tanning is a gradual process and therefore your color changes throughout the day and from one day to the next. Even when you use bronzer it's hard to tell how much darker you are just by looking! Use a peace sign tanning body sticker when you tan, almost everyone is surprised by how tan they are once they have used a peace sticker. Besides, it's fun!

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