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Small Heart Tanning Stickers | Spray Tan

Small Heart Tanning Stickers | Spray Tan

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  • Cute Heart Tanning Stickers
  • Works Perfectly For Spray Tanning Sessions
  • Easy To Use, Holds In Place While Tanning
  • Also great for tanning beds or outdoors.
Heart Tanning Stickers or 3/4 Hearts also known as Small Hearts are a great way to show the love and measure your progress. It is always hard to see your results just by looking in the mirror. Tanning is a gradual process and it takes time but when you look each day and see a gradual change you don't realize how dark you are getting. The only really effective way to effectively measure your tanning progress is to use a heart tanning sticker in the same spot each time you tan. Almost everyone is surprised by how tan they actually are once they have used a heart sticker for a few weeks.

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